Practicality: meaning easiness in using
Technology: meaning availability of new raw materials and methods of production
Fashion: as an answer to the material needs of the community in a given time in history. The concept of efficacy in the cosmetic field is ever evolving as well as the technologies that support new creations which are more and more bold and demanding.

Spray is, among cosmetic products, one of the most universal and versatile. An eye shadow, a cream, a shampoo tend to be associated with a specific treatment and with a well recognisable function performed by its ‘form’. Spray, by contrast, satisfies many different necessities thanks to its wide range of ‘identities’: sun protection, limb soothing product, toner, shower oil, hair colour illuminator, insect-repellent product …
Its effect could be more or less tangible to achieve the excellent sublimation of the immaterial: this is the case regarding perfume, which places itself in the world of beauty and well-being as a symbol of fascination and sensoriality.
Today spray is also showing a green soul, responding to a trend that is gaining ground in the world, that of an authentic awareness and concern not limited to the exploitation of the precious actives which nature gives us, but which also avoid the use of invasive technologies. To live eco-friendly means to be concerned about ecology, but also to have a lifestyle in harmony with the environment, without forgetting personal care. Sustainable cosmetics aim to satisfy this requirement, starting from the choice of high–quality raw materials, demanded by both the small and big industrial companies.
Bregaglio with its emulsifying systems for natural and cold sprays offers a starting point for a more sustainable cosmetic production, suggesting opportunities for energy saving and environmental protection.

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