Women on the verge of a bad hair day, is the most recent hair calamity that women face on waking, the world over.
A daily drama! Not even yoga can perform miracles and the warrior pose certainly won’t defeat hair gone wild from the night before.
We stand in contemplative silence in front of the mirror but what we really need is a beauty revelation to make a difference. Although patience may wane we certainly have enough drive to get our hair done properly! Follow our tips!

Before grabbing a brush and the hair dryer take a look at the facts about what happens to hair that really has ‘been through the mill’; fragile and dull, looking even older than the hair on the head of 145 year old Mbah Goto.
The most common mistake is to believe that aging only manifests itself when hair starts to turn grey, when in fact, the process can occur at anytime with unsightly thinning and hair loss.

There are many solutions out there: specific remedies with products that really work to rescue your look, like a dry shampoo to give your hair a pick me up. Diet too is important and for once not because we are counting calories! There are freshly blended antioxidant red fruit juices and green teas, to rejuvenate and revitalise those locks in the spirit of Greenery, Pantone® colour of the year. A hand’s gentle touch is enough to recognise true love and careful maintenance: hair full of body, soft and extra-shiny. Green light to amino acids, vitamins and iron; red card to allergenic foods that cause hypersensitivity – gluten has been linked to alopecia. Just listen to the science.

It goes without saying, not everyone’s hair is the same, just as in love there’s no possibility of finding the same thing twice but fashion teaches us that cut and colour can make all the difference. No law is set in stone, so here’s to maximum freedom of choice: waves, curls and silky locks; what’s important is that our hair is looked after properly and that the final result is a blast! Each to their own then, but what exactly is it that we are looking for? There are so many styles to choose from!

Beach effect curls that recall the sea and the wind or straight hair in a disciplined blunt cut or natural gypsy style waves or how about a cute quiff as a fashion accessory? And if you haven’t yet found your look, get in line for an amazing one. You just need a little backcombing and a pretty ribbon in a clever plait to not pass as dull.

Seemingly dull, was the exhibition ‘LOVE. Contemporary Art meets Amour’, in Rome, that then unexpectedly drove 83 thousand visitors mad, with entire walls of the Chiostro del Bramante Museum plastered with love quotes.
Love is in fact already an art form but next year it gets better, expect to see an exhibition entitled Love My Hair – love for hair rekindled.

To survive this hair revolution read our tips in PDF format here you can find all you need to know on colouring, shampoo and treatments to identify your style and put a stop to any doubts and confusion!
And that’s not to be sniffed at…

Download and discover our files Hair project!



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