What kind of holiday person are you? Find it out with our test #bregaglioholidays

To wish you happy holidays this year Bregaglio has put together a super holiday test…
Tick the boxes in answer to the questions and download your postcard #vacanzeitaliane

  • I imagine myself…
    A) Sailing the seas like Jack Sparrow
    B) Hugging a tree
    C) Being woken up by the sound of a rooster’s crow
  • Favourite family movie?
    A) Moana
    B) Jungle Book
    C) Babe
  • Perfect evening
    A) Party on the beach around a bonfire
    B) Night-time birdwatching
    C) Try out (and sample) Granny’s tasty recipes
  • You have had a terrible day and you could quite easily have bitten someone’s head off – what would help you to relax the most?
    A) I’m a water babe and in water I feel relaxed
    B) Gardening, when I am angry my plants get the best of me
    C) DIY, decorating and re-decorating til I collapse…
  • If you close your eyes what colour do you see?
    A) Sky-blue
    B) Green
    C) Orange
  • At what sport do you see yourself a champion?
    A) Scuba diving
    B) Archery
    C) Freeriding mountain bikes on bales of hay
  • Favourite dish
    A) The fish I caught whilst risking falling into the water with my fishing rod
    B) A skier’s diet is what I want year round!
    C) Apple jam and freshly baked croissant –  a zero mile delight!
  • An adventure is…
    A) 10 minutes in a savasana yoga pose during a Caribbean storm whilst the boat bounces up and down to the beat of tecno-music. What better opportunity to put your self-control to the test?
    B) Night has almost fallen in the forest; your mobile phone has virtually died, and you’ve forgotten your torch… You have lost your sense of direction but a tree house where you can hide out is a great idea
    C) Put your novel down on the bed-side table and improvise as a vet to help a goat in difficulty in the stables give birth (TV series are a help!)
  • What mode of transport would you like to use?
    A) A yacht trusting myself to the wind
    B) A 4×4 to venture off the beaten track
    C) Horse, donkey, tractor or on foot to lose myself in vineyards

So where will you send us a post card from this year? Click on the link below!  


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