There will be a time when cities will take care of you – eventually they will become your Neverland… Your beauty case will be express: there will be spa-capsules in your garden and galactic air labs in the neighborhood to re-oxygenate yourself at once. But today, for the dear old Bridget Jones who lives inside of you, life is less friendly and more polluted than ever. Not only by those extra kilos, bad habits and love dramas, but also by smog and by IR radiations produced by PC’s and smartphones, the friends of your digital messing around.

No need to shock, let’s start with an effective chemistry lesson to learn how to protect your skin and your hair from pollution&co.

Smog behaves as a catalyst – it is the fuse which starts all enzymes and proteins oxidative processes – as well as stimulating lipid peroxidation and energy failure (insufficient ATP, the fundamental unit of energy within the body cells), thus generating the much dreaded free radicals. A sallow and dull complexion, skin stress, chaps, blurs, dehydration and premature aging are the dark side of smog. Your hair as well changes its mood in big metropolis: having to do with smog and fog, it loses its sensorial properties and it is not exactly oozing joy from the cuticles, which are subject to amino acid oxidation, and last but not least, it turns greasy.

City life leads us to look on average one year older than we are and it depletes our antioxidant defenses with the same voracity of somebody who has just finished a three day shamanic fasting. And we, just like you Bridget, can’t afford to be that generous…

What can we do? To have a urban cosmetic second life which involves quick product changes in pure hayagawari style! During the day, for your face and hair care, an antipollution detergency, protective sprays, filmogenic and antiradicals creams with an immediate ‘encantado’ effect. It is well known that 7 seconds are sufficient to impress someone…
At night, regenerating and detox products, repairing masks and revitalizing packs to update your polluted ego when you wake up in the morning.

John Paul Young sang ‘Love is in the air‘, we sing ‘Smog is in the air‘ at the moment, but with some more love, for our cities and for ourselves, something could change.


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