The legend says that Cynara was a beautiful nymph, her hair was cinder color and her eyes were green-violet. Jupiter was lost in love with her. He was tired and disappointed with her refusal and in a moment of anger he turned Cynara into a thorny artichoke like her character. The pungent vegetable has the same color of her eyes green violet, the tender heart of the young woman and a seductive temptation to put it in a cooking pan! But that’s not all…
The plant has been appreciated by the ancient Romans and Greeks populations and it has many healthy properties due to the content of flavonoids, phenolics acids and minerals. It reduces the presence of toxins and it facilitates their elimination from the liver, it has antioxidant benefits and it ‘s a great helper to lose weight. In cosmetics cardo oil could be used as alternative source of phytosterols and alfa-tocopherol.

Thanks to its high level of phytosterols, which are effective in down-regulation MMP-1 and also improving collagen fibers synthesis, cardo oil can be added to antiaging formulations. It also can be used in sunscreen products, due to the phyosterols’ protective against UVA.
The synergic activity of alfa-tocopherol and phytosterols makes the oil an excellent antioxidant ingredient.
The oil is also a good source of polyunsatured fatty acids. Among them, the most important is lonoleic acid which has a key role in the skin barrier function.

Cardo oil by Bionap can be added in a lot of formulations for mature/dry skin, body and hair. Its nourishing and emollient products make it ideal as massage oil and after sun products

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