Forget the notorious blindness of men – they have no problem seeing but one in three men takes no notice of cellulite. Cellulite is a female issue playing both sides; to men she doesn’t expose herself but to women she is painfully on show baring herself in all her glory.

Each morning our bathroom mirror becomes our very own ‘Mouth of Truth’ giving us no chance to lie to ourselves (unfortunately) and the only thing that stops us smashing it to pieces is the threat of 7 years bad luck.
Please God give me patience!
Our romantic, loving friend cellulite, never leaves our side. If only she’d go and have fun with someone else during those critical summer months – now that would be a step in the right direction! Instead there are those annoying genetic predisposition factors that seduce her: caucasian women beware, hormonal imbalances, poor circulation, sedentary life style and weight gain.

If we want to become a sea goddess by next summer, our limpet-cellulite stalker has to be caught… Lay the bait early this autumn by limiting foods high in sugar and salt. To stimulate metabolism and reduce subcutaneous fat lets aim for a sporting challenge and start exercising.

Let’s banish the past with a scrub because re-oxygenating promises a future of beauty and wellbeing. The cellulite battle has just begun starting with a massage: pressure and friction on the skin helps the penetrative action of muds and creams, supporting microcirculation and reshaping your silhouette. Gentle pumping movements are best as they open the lymphatic filtering stations and eliminate liquid residual build-up.

Watch out, lipogenesis and lipolysis both contend for control of our thighs but before falling victim it’s essential to fully understand what we are dealing with. Lipogenesis supports the synthesis and accretion of fatty acids while her rival, but our friend lipolysis is active in the hydrolysis of triglycerides.
Doesn’t take much to decide which one to choose does it?

Deciding whom to trust is important however; you can then complement oral supplements (based on botanical extracts; hydroxycitrates, green teas, polyphenols, bergamot) with topical skin care with formulas that make a difference. For technology lovers there’s a choice between a cold-effect gel based on SalSphereTM SalCool, a menthol-free blend delivering a fresh, cooling sensation thanks to an encapsulation device that allows for a ‘time-release’ performance. Alternatively there’s SalSphereTM Cellulite Eraser a unique controlled delivery system containing caffeine and enriched with ‘fitness’ actives like CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), L-carnitine and Rhodafiltrat Palmaria (algae extract). To lighten and tone heavy legs there’s Fliflow® AC delivering oxygen and promoting connective tissue renewal.

Even the laziest of us can be saved!

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