In the era of light, it rains glow from the walls of the Bregaglio stand 217 at Making Cosmetics, which welcomes you in a 19th century house between impenetrable English paintings and luminescent muses with graceful profiles.

Among the fascinating clear-dark our sales are waiting to show the latest news for meetings full of allure!

Here are the two shine presentations not to be missed:

28/11/17-ore 10.10- Area Tech Focus: ‘Smog and the City’                                                       

Bregaglio presents the new exciting season of ”Smog & the City”. It’s about four woman- a lover, a single, a mother and a wife – who, despite their different natures and ever- changing live, remain inseparable and very close each other. They live in different polluted cities: London, Mumbai, Tokyo and New York where they have fun and date men.

One day Carrie, a famous journalist for the New York Star newspaper, meets Mr. Smog and is instantly attracted by him- not a perfect guy for her heart and…her skin! Why? Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte tell her about beauty problems caused by Mr. Smog and suggest her some beauty tips against him. The girls put under trial Mr. Smog!! Will Carrie choose her friends or run away with Mr. Smog?

Bregaglio presents here tests on anti-pollution and focused on raw materials to protect ourselves…all over the world!

29/11/17-ore 10.30- Area The Emotional Cosmetic: Characterization of the sensorial profile of cosmetic products: use of neuroscientific methodologies for evaluating rub-out and after-feel of emulsions’

Today, marketing aspire to put products or services on the market capable of evoking strong emotional responses in the consumers. For years, measuring and quantifying have been difficult tasks and classical marketing research methods have used models based on usefulness and rationality. In the last years, In recent years, experts in neurology, psychology and neuroscience have demonstrated that emotions, and the unconscious interactions between consumers and products, strongly influence the buying process and the purchase decision. In our study, the emotional impact induced by three O/A emulsions containing different emulsifying system have been compared. By means of neuroscientific methodologies – electroencephalography, galvanic skin response and facial expression analysis – we have detected emotional differences during rub-out and after-feel among the three tested formulations.


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