Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

(22nd November – 21st December)


For the first time since the 18thof December 2007, on the 7thof  November 2018  Jupiter entered your sign and will stay there until the 2ndof December 2019  which means it’s party time! The year ahead will reveal itself to be one of the best of your life and your long-term diligence will finally pay-off. You will meet people useful to your work who are prepared to help you. The full moon in 2019 will help you complete a project and when you are least expecting it you will receive some  good news… You will leave a positive mark and any time from the 18thof August to the 4thof October will be the ideal moment for interviews and promotions. But take note that it is the powerful new moon on the 30thof August that will be crucial to your career – don’t let yourself be unprepared for a one off offer! On a financial  note thanks to the influence of Saturn , you will learn how to earn more and to save. On the 31stof January, Saturn sextile with Neptune will allow you to make a dream come true through hard work based on realistic expectations. You will understand your limits without losing your sense of optimism.  On the subject of good luck the 27thof  December will be your window of opportunity for the whole year: you will find yourself in the right place at the right time…. Congratulations!


Jupiter in your sign favours you meeting  your soul mate whereas romance will be illuminated by Mars which won’t let entertaining encounters pass you by. If you are in a stable relationship you will take a trip that will bring you closer together and you will experience some unforgettable moments (you won’t want to come back!) You love adventure in love and life and this year there will be no lack of exotic destinations for your explorer’s heart.


Your health will improve compared to 2018 and you will feel stronger and more in shape than ever. You will lose any excess weight and become passionate about a new sport, your motto is ‘mens sana in corpore sano’. An annual check-up particularly for eyes and teeth should be considered. If you practice sport at competition level in 2019 you will win some important contests. In your gym bag don’t forget to carry a hydrating spray to avoid dry skin during your long training sessions with your personal trainer.


Our new entry, intern Chiara direct from the island of Lipari, pulsing heart of the Eoliean Islands , bringing Bregaglio some sea air and a desire to visit Sicily. In our laboratory, a beauty case is always at the ready for unexpected trips… For her: our multi-functional Extraordinary Glow Oil with  Mediterranean oils by Bionap.