Zodiac sign: Capricorn

(22nd December – 19nd January)


You leave behind a difficult year, mainly due to the presence of  Saturn predicted to stay around until 2020. The planet’s lessons are demanding but there is a reason: to give you more self-belief and ability from which you will benefit in the years to come. Problems won’t scare you and Jupiter will lend a hand with your career. Are you thinking about writing a book by any chance? Launching a new product perhaps? Anything is possible thanks to the movement of Taurus in Uranus in March which will leave you churning out ideas for the next 7 years. As for work watch out for the full moon on the 9thof April: praise and publicity will not be lacking and if you own a company the bank will probably grant you a loan. Have another look at your list of goals (eliminate some of them!). For this reason over the following months don’t be alarmed if the tide of life carries away pieces of the existential puzzle. A shock could resolve an unsatisfying situation.


Uranus will improve your life and stay in your house for seven years. If you are single try to always look your best whether at the supermarket, the post office or the cinema because you will impress someone when you least expect it!  If you are already in a relationship, during the eclipse of the full moon in Capricorn on the 16thof July you will reach a turning point, when you will have to choose between improving your relationship or cutting it loose. Should something remain unresolved romantically speaking or in a friendship you will have another chance to bring closure to a situation that is already lost during the eclipse in your sign on the 25thof December.


Even though you know how to maintain a calm exterior much energy will be required and this will show in your skin and it will appear stressed and  dull.  You should really see a nutritionist for advice on a suitable diet and vitamins and supplements  to face the change of season. You have a lean physic and this means that you can get away with small sins without too much worry but be careful of cellulite which is always lurking behind the scenes.


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