Zodiac sign: Gemini

(21th May – 21st June)


Since your sign is governed by Mercury you have a flair for any communication, based task. You know how to choose our words carefully with the same precision that a magician creates his potions. Not by chance you are described as ‘the journalist of the zodiac’. In 2019 you’ll discover that working in a team will help both your personal growth and financial well-being. It would seem that your financial situation will see many changes. A series of eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn show that you could start earning from a new source. Neptune will be favourable with a creative project using photography meaning you will have some wonderful moments in the company of the people you love. Despite times of great stress you will enjoy good health but keep an eye on your throat! You will feel the need to take a holiday to clear your head and your health will benefit. You must however stay with your feet firmly on the ground for the whole year to avoid any mishaps.


The best month is October at the end of the new moon of the 28thof September. You love talking and you need a partner who likes talking to you, maybe over a glass of wine… You will feel ready to give up your heart to a person who truly loves you. If you have children the connection with them will blossom and you will be a happily united family. Before the end of 2019 you might get married and if that’s the case, you will have chosen the best year in the last 12 years to do so.


You will suffer chest problems and between the 10thof August and  the 2ndof September you will be obliged to find an effective cure. All in all you will be in good health but you should limit or entirely give up bad habits like smoking! You have an innate ability to stay looking young both physically and in spirit. In fact nobody is ever able to guess your true age so try to indulge this propensity by building on your good humour and your beauty will be all the better for it.


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