Zodiac sign: Taurus

(20th April – 20th May)


2019 will be the start of an exciting period in your life thanks to the entry in Taurus of Uranus – planet of innovation, upheaval, creativity , rebellion and sudden transformation. You will have to face changes, often not welcome by a fixed sign like yours, but in the end you will pull through and  find the right balance in life. The planet of good fortune and abundance has only just begun to cross your 8thhouse of other people’s money, boding well for a great year of financial gain.  Finally, you are in a position to negotiate a well-deserved raise. Thanks to Uranus in your sign you will change many things including your look and this will be a priority if you become famous in your work. Keep an eye on the days following the new moon on the 4thof February  as they will be exciting. You will become interested in the world of digital, human sciences or politics, maybe to the point of becoming an activist or an election candidate.


Taurus is a sign associated with a child taking its first steps to explore the world. Governed by Virgo your appearance is soft and sensual. You will want to sample good things in your own time and your love life will blossom especially between the 17thof August and the 3rdof October. During 2019 in your personal life, you will find yourself getting on better with people born under your own sign or under the earth signs of  Virgo and Capricorn. The weekend between the 23rdand the 25thof August will be the best for finding new love or for enjoying what you already have. If you are single you will want to go out and have fun… There will be sparks!!!


In 2019 more so than real illness you will suffer with weight problems – a consequence of laziness and bad habits. Poor diet could weaken your immune system  leaving  you subject to infection. Don’t stuff yourself on sweets and cakes! Get to the gym and take up a new sport. The ideal time for a healthy diet and beauty pick me up will be between April and June. Don’t lose out on the chance to show off that great body on the beach!


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