I look up from the Creastar Collection spread out on my desk to my calendar glaring at me in disappointment: “It’s the 20thof  March, why aren’t you in India?” I sigh in surrender… At the Festival of Colours, borosilicatebased coral pearlslike sparking clouds, slipping into eye shadows, lipsticks, blush and multi-coloured creams, would have a  real party. They’d grace my head, my clothes, my skin reaching the ground and filling the streets with playful light. Holi in Hindi means to burn. The festival is a combination of Carnival type celebrations and Valentine’s Day, but with more colour, joy and… love? It symbolises the triumph of good over evil with bonfires to ward off bad luck, (great for everyone!) whilst awaiting the full-moon. Mad wolves are nowhere to be seen, just one thousand and one night’s adventure for three days when caste system differences are overlooked and awakening an untouchable from simple dalitis to aspire to. It is said that Krishna who had dark blue skin was in love with Rahda and to woo her he painted his face a thousand colours to conceal his dark skin. If he did it… I’ll try with Creastar Transformation, the colorama of make up. You just slip a finger into the powder  and a rainbow will transform you! A magic that would even be liked by his excellency Krishna:). It’s Hindi party time for my face and my beauty case with products from The Innovation Company is waiting. I just need a ticket  – I’ll come up with something I’m sure.  

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