3rd of April 2020

Have you ever asked yourself what colours make up the world flag?
Here’s a very interesting story…

A few months back the Dutch designer Sven Signe Den Hartogh unveiled his installation Usawa: a transparent flag, symbol of balance and equality in the world. Transparency, he claims, is the new humanity that transcends borders, sexuality and other labels.
The project may hide a desire to be read from the inside out from a moral standpoint of vital importance, ‘I am what you see’.

If you look from far away you almost can’t see it. Is it transparent or invisible?

Powerful nations will be offended as there is no acknowledgement of their strong country colours. Although true that three decades of happy and somewhat artificial globalisation have opened to a wider world, the struggle (whilst no longer just between peoples but also between markets), has led to just a few nations having unlimited borders.

Result: the world is bigger and globalised for just a few.

Until today.

The forgotten and interrupted planet’s health emergency, violently brings it back to centre stage and from the almost invisible flag everything including beauty is now razor-sharp.

In that small space blown by the wind there is room for everyone! Maybe this is the artistic metaphor of non-colour, a window on the future in which society will recodify itself in beauty too…
What will cosmetology do? It will colour it with ingredients of transparency: sincere, beneficial and optimistic.

Photo credits: Sven Signe Den Hartogh

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