UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

On July 26, 2000 Bregaglio obtained a certificate of compliance with standard UNI EN ISO 9002:1994. This is testimony to the coordinated organizational activities carried out within the company to ensure transparency, loyalty and accountability in the relationships with our customers both internally and externally.

Our desire to provide customer satisfaction grew over the following years and May 18, 2018 marked a further milestone with the certification of compliance with standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.


Bregaglio is part of the Zschimmer&Schwarz group. For more than thirty-five years Bregaglio has worked in the world of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals marketing raw materials for distribution in the name of and on behalf of suppliers and other companies in the group.

Bregaglio is a company that is: healthy, robust, enduring and engaged in acquiring a position of excellence within the group

It is strategically focused on:

  • working with suppliers with substantial scientific expertise,
  • developing and consolidating its internal laboratory’s formulating know-how,
  • instilling a high level of technical competence in staff working with customers,
  • maintaining precision and punctuality in company logistics,
  • valuing the importance of the beauty of means of communication with interested parties

The national distribution of products for cosmetics is and shall remain our core business. Our plan is to constantly improve how we work and seize any opportunity for growth and improvement.
We are structured to competently manage the distribution process, in full respect of our customer needs whether implicit, explicit or unexpressed, and we have total faith in achieving a good end result.
At the same time however, our purpose is to devote intelligence and energy to create services of excellence.

The new frontiers are: B-innovative, Personal styling, Neuroscience
We are convinced that Bregaglio’s growth can only be attained by the continual improvement of our internal procedures and organisational structure, time and again reconciling our business with the social reality in which we operate.
Management defines, establishes and sustains the quality control system within its own organisation in compliance with ISO standard 9001:2015.

Studying the market and presenting the company differently today is a priority to keep abreast of the times; concurrently we consider that no objective can be reached without taking into consideration two fundamental principles that regulate the company: the constant pursuit of customer satisfaction and the full involvement of company partners and of other interested parties that are actively part of and responsible for the company’s success.