The laboratory is our atelier

The laboratory is our atelier: here our researchers work all day committed to concrete applied research. We do not use measuring tapes, scissors or mannequins but the latest equipment to develop both new formulations and efficacy evaluations for our claims. The spirit however is the same: it is the person on the ground that makes the difference, the machinery on its own can do very little.

In our laboratory we do not just work to test and check the quality and the characteristics of the raw materials but also to develop new and innovative solutions: we take note of trends to create real “capsules” of raw materials, studied to give the best pre-sale service possible to marketing, buying and customer laboratories.

A formulation must be worn just like an outfit and must first hang correctly so as to complement the figure and not irritate it; for this we offer solutions with scientific tools for measuring skin parameters:

  • the corneometer determines the hydration level of the skin surface (stratum corneum)
  • the sebumeter determines the sebum level of the skin surface as well as on the scalp and hair
  • the mexameter measures the two components mainly responsible for skin color: melanin and hemoglobin
  • the tewameter is used to assess transepidermal water loss (TEWL)

Among our laboratory’s invaluable equipment we have devices for functional testing validation and for in vitro determination of sun protection factor (SPF).

To model tomorrow’s beauty we also use neuroscience, with sophisticated technology for the analysis of psychophysiological and neurological indexes applied to raw materials. We are living a cosmetic evolution and we want to share the benefits of scientific research with our customers: the history of beauty starts here.