Zodiacac sign: Pisces

(19th February – 20th March)


This will be an amazing year for your career. On a professional note you will find yourself in the right place at the right time showing off your experience and competence; talents appreciated by the people who count. Over the last few years you’ve worked very hard in the hope that your work will be noticed and so finally in 2019 your dreams will turn into reality, freeing yourself from those incompetent people who find it hard to accept your dedication on account of  blindness or self-interest. This will happen thanks to Jupiter developing opportunities and increasing profits making you excel at what you do. Quite frankly for your career this is the best year in the last 12 years! Finally there will be a chance for you to make your mark and be seen. Uranus will move into Taurus and this is a good thing because it will make you more imaginative and creative . You will feel the need to dedicate yourself to a humanitarian cause to further develop your gift for empathy and sensitivity. Trips will not be lacking! From exotic destinations to pilgrimages, since you are very attracted by spirituality. From the 6th of March, the entry of Uranus in Taurus and in the 3rdhouse of communication could see you involved in a publishing project. And since Uranus governs metaphysic phenomena , you might write a book… On astrology!


Your sign is the most sensitive of signs to other people’s emotions, to the point at which you act to relieve the suffering of others -even people you don’t know! In 2019 your emotional life will occupy first position due to the fact that the most important eclipses fall in your 11th house of friendship and love. You could find yourself helping a friend  or someone will help you, an older person could become a spiritual guide! If you are in a couple you will be an upbeat partner and flexible as arguing does not square with your personality. For those who are single or unsatisfied in their relationship it will be an exciting year for finding new love maybe from a different country, or another culture  or whilst abroad for work.  For Christmas you might receive unexpected help from a VIP. Keep your eyes and heart open!!!


In 2019  avoid a risky lifestyle that could compromise your health and cut back on indulgences like cigarettes and alcohol which only serve to drain your energy. Make meditation a priority to get you back on track and help you connect with your inner self. An excessive sensibility to events influences your appearance so you need to know how to apply make-up correctly to hide any lack of sleep and exhaustion. Prepare yourself for the last eclipse of the year because it will be unforgettable.  Remember you will spend the most memorable New Year for the last decade, awaiting a 2020 full of the sense of achievement that you deserve.


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And finally for me, Cristina, beauty marketer, novice astrologist (just for a day) who in between asters and disasters hopes to have got something right…(who got me into all of this???)

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