Zodiac sign: Libra

(23rd September – 22nd October)


By January of the New Year you will already be on peak form and you can start to help yourself in the best way possible thanks to Jupiter and his beneficial influence. You will travel much more than in years past and you will feel more open to new experiences. On a professional level this will be a year where you really bring your ability to communicate to the fore, particularly if your work involves writing. If you work in telecommunications this is the right year to build a team and launch an app or a successful multimedia programme. In all of these areas you will need a person to promote you but your efforts will be very much rewarded financially . From April to August, with your governor Venus in Gemini you will find greater ease expressing yourself in both your private life and at work. You will be aided by people with whom you have amicable relations.


It is likely that a family member or a close friend has some exciting news to share with you. It could be about going on a trip together during which you will have a lot of fun or it could be about a family reunion. On the 16thof July there will be a full lunar eclipse that will help you to complete any plans you might have including romantic ones. Eclipses in fact work as catalysts to events. You will meet the right person as long as you don’t force yourself to look for them. On the 27th, thanks to Jupiter aligning with the sun, expect to enjoy the luckiest day of the year!


There will be some physical challenges, the best advice is to control your energy levels, sleep more and don’t eat too much! The months in which you will feel the biggest drops in energy are May and August, when the planetary influences capable of knocking you side- ways a bit, will expose you to health problems. What better timing for detoxifying your skin at a luxury spa?
Your looks, which you care a lot about  will benefit and your optimistic mood will reach new heights.


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