Zodiac sign: Scorpio

(23rd October  – 21st November)


For thirteen months with lucky Jupiter you were able to get the ball rolling in a number of areas, the fruits of which will be savoured in 2019 most notably in affairs of the heart and on a professional level. You are good at making money and negotiating wisely and a project on which you have been working for months could finally take off! The eclipses of the 4thof January and of the 16thof June will be very profitable… you could be given assignments of great responsibility, important job titles and generous rewards and you’ll embark on new projects. Prepare yourself for the unexpected and sudden deadlock. Since your reputation could be compromised you’ll have to shed light on your dark side in order to defend yourself. July will be the most promising month and you will complete a project over which your opponents had really given you a run for your money!


You are affectionate and intense and relationships are very important to you! If you’ve already found your soul mate  you will plan romantic week-ends together. In March your private life will run more smoothly and be more colourful especially if you are single. Most probably the person to whom you are attracted will be very creative and sensitive despite the age difference and will prove themselves to be out of the ordinary so much so that you can’t do without them! Perhaps this idyllic atmosphere will encourage you to have a child…


Good health is essential and it will come fairly easily to you, especially as regards staying in shape  but watch your mental health as stress is always lurking in the shadows with unforeseen surprises that could ruin your mood. Dedicate time to your hobbies and prepare yourself for  rebirth through personalised beauty treatments.


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