Sandream Specialties Extended Distribution Partnership in Italy with Bregaglio
1st February 2023

Bregaglio, a Surfachem Company and part of the 2M Group, is delighted to announce that we have been appointed as the exclusive distributor for Sandream Specialities in Italy.

Sandream Specialties has worked with Surfachem within the United Kingdom and France since 2018,distributing its innovative range of cosmetic ingredients. This partnership was expanded in early 2022 into Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Benelux.

Valued at €1.72 billion in 2022 by Mintel, Italy is the largest retail cosmetics market in mainland Europe. Surfachem’s extended partnership with Sandream Specialities highlights the synergistic relationship established over the past five years and our common goals for growth in Italy and across Europe.

 “We are delighted to begin a new journey in colour and to grow our portfolio of active ingredients with Sandream Specialities. We are also happy to work with this valuable partner alongside our Surfachem sister companies to create a Pan-European group synergy.” Manuela Bertuzzi, Managing Director –Bregaglio

“We are excited for Surfachem and Bregaglio to drive our Personal Care & Cosmetics business in Italy and throughout Europe. Italy is a key cosmetics market, so we look forward to delivering solutions more effectively throughout the entire European region. We are confident that Surfachem and Bregaglio will continue to support customers with their exceptional service and our innovative products….Kristen Presti, President – Sandream Specialties.

“Italy is a renown and highly influential cosmetics hub within Europe. We look forward to shaping the future of this industry with Sandream Specialities and their innovative range of cosmetic ingredients”Dr. Richard Smith, Managing Director – Surfachem Group

About Sandream Specialties

Sandream Specialities is a global raw material supplier for the Cosmetics & Personal Care industry, offering the most extensive range of innovative effect pigments and color ingredients, along with cosmetic actives, aesthetic modifiers, and visual delivery systems. Sandream empowers brands with the ability to launch new products with both speed and agility. Its expansive array of products provides brands with a means to develop exciting new innovations, therefore accelerating the launch process. They invite brands to experience their passionate approach and spirit of partnership.

About Surfachem & Bregaglio

Surfachem, is an international speciality ingredient distributor. With customers in over 65 countries, Surfachem offers a flexible and customer-oriented distribution service. Bregaglio joined the 2M Group of Companies in 2022 and is a fundamental component of our ongoing strategy to provide pan-European ingredient distribution to the personal care market.

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