Two steps in the new World

Times have changed. Today, the future of cosmetics and indeed of other sectors, resonates with sustainability. Are we talking about survival, awareness or resistance to these new times? Maybe it’s a question of all three, but what is certain, is that the planet is grateful for this everyday awareness.

The planet as a place of experimentation to be safeguarded through action, creation, consumption and growth. The life of a living being, as the philosopher Emanuele Coccia writes, doesn’t begin with its own birth. Being born means inheriting a life already lived, we just have to give it a new look, and develop it, or look after it like Carbonwave has done with Seabalance emulsifiers.

The article is written by Cristina Minelle on Kosmetica magazine N.8 22

Two steps in the new world- KOSMETICA N.8 22 ita-en

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