Call us Eco-Surrealist

The coining of the term eco-surrealism, taken from the concepts of ecology and surrealism, is the philosophy that drives 2023 for Bregaglio, the sustainability driven Lombardy  distributor. Technical sales managers Alessandra Brocca and Stefano Besi told Kosmetica that, “Surreal nature fuelled by artifice is what our Observatory managed by Cristina Minelle has chosen to call Naturalia 4.0.

”It is the fabulous universe of plants powered by technology that generates wonderment. It is a new vision of sustainability, influenced by a re-enchantment of the world whereby technological optimism, the end of the centrality of man and a new togetherness between non-human and Earth will bring about a revolution that will inevitably also be felt in the cosmetics sector”

Interview in the wake of its acquisition by an international conglomerate, a celebrated home player is seeing unforeseen horizons and synergies opening up before it, paving the way for growth in size and results, in tandem with an evolution in vision and mission.


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