CONCRETE WELLNESS – from archetype to a cosmetic trend

Coolhunting research has revealed the archetype and the metatrend of the tree as a symbol of society.
The tree will guide our future requirements for finding a solid ‘ME’ that metaphorically balances the tree canopy and roots without losing the fluidity of the moment. Values and conditions need to be continuously sought after in daily life through a daily exercise of awareness.

Which cosmetic trend has been identified through research and immersion in the zeitgeist? A need for concrete wellness that is, practical, tangible and timeless. In truth we have witnessed the end of a world leaving behind a system. It’s now time to rebuild. Tomorrow calls for a new mindset. Beauty needs, therefore, in the post-apocalyptical era will essentially be tactility, with stone as an important symbol since it is solid, just as the reality that we so seek.

The article is written by Cristina Minelle and Annamaria Ratti in a magazine  Cosmetic and Technology N.5 22. It explains how an up to the minute cosmetic application (stick skincare products for the face) has been developed, thanks to a coolhunting analysis of the archetype and metatrend of the tree.

Concrete Wellness from archetype to cosmetic trend ita eng

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