To be ‘all green’ in the kitchen for a vegan is a must, an ecological moment both planet friendly and satisfying to the palate! Have you ever heard of a mayonnaise without eggs that is cholesterol-free? Well here you are; by carefully mixing soya milk, any seed oil of your choice, Evo oil and some additional ingredients you can make a vegan mayonnaise. It is delicious on vegan toast, in Russian salad or as tartar sauce. Lighter and more versatile than a traditional mayonnaise, it can be kept in the fridge for up to four days rather than on the bathroom shelf, since confusing it with the night cream just takes a second…

For the rest of you: carnivores, selective omnivores, raw foodies, vegetarians and those who are undecided, try it with Italian vitello tonnato, chicken salad, as a base for fondue sauce or with aioli and Spanish patatas bravas.

– 300 gr of soya milk
– Juice of 2 lemons
– 6 gr of salt
– 350 gr of any seed oil
– 70 gr of Evo oil

Combine the soya milk, lemon juice and salt. Gradually add the two oils mix it all together and with an immersion blender. To obtain a thicker consistency, just add more seed oil and to make it yellower just add some turmeric.

Feel free to add to this basic recipe: pickled cucumbers, capers, parsley, chopped black olives and make yourself a wonderful tartar sauce.

Just for a day we can all be vegan chefs!