“Beauty is truth, truth beauty”

this line from Keats represents us perfectly, reverberating within us in the full sense of the word. At Bregaglio, we work to make everyone more beautiful, studying and perfecting the finest raw materials available: truth and beauty, science and cosmetics.

Every day, we apply science to cosmetics to improve our customers’ lives – their physical appearance, their wellbeing and their peace of mind. We do not limit ourselves just to our immediate customers, i.e. those companies that buy our raw materials: our commitment is to work with them to improve the lives of the end-user and that means all of us.

We select, buy and distribute the best raw materials: we consider ourselves a tailor, cutting his cloth or even better a personal stylist choosing the perfect ingredients to create the best formulations. We live in a world of beauty, of fashion and of wellbeing, seeing and creating from inside a laboratory. Beauty and truth; keeping an eye on today’s market and an eye on tomorrow’s trends.

We have worked like this for over thirty years making our experience and insight available to both the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Our longstanding experience has taught us how to spark the curiosity of our partners through state-of-the-art projects because we want to help our customers to be the first to try out the next steps for beauty.